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Domestic Projects

Major projects

 Object  Works  Photos
Glogow Copper Smelting Plant  Pyrometallurgy Modernization Program. The contract for the construction and assembly works (in progress). 20150428_115511
 “BOLESLAW” Mining and Metallurgical Plant – Bukowno Turn key realization for The tower absorption WA 1.  WIEŻA
Zinc Smelting Plant – Miasteczko Slaskie  Installations for the recovery of zinc waste in HCMŚl. Three additional  redistillation columns. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
 Wałbrzych Coke Plant WZK “VICTORIA”  Turn key execution Construction of coke oven battery No. 6 (in progress) WP_000032
 Glogow Copper Smelting Plant  Pyrometallurgy Modernization Program.Execution of electro-energy flyovers. Quantity of about 2200 tonnes. P1150131
Glogow Copper Smelting Plant Pyrometallurgy Modernization Program. Executive design of the foundations structure for the Hall holding Electric Furnace no.2 and Fluidized-bed Furnace no.2 – foundations of the hall, foundations of the Electric Furnace and Fluidized-bed Furnace, block foundationfor ladle cars and foundation stays.  SONY DSC
PGE Power Plant “Turów” S.A. in Bogatynia Modernization and expansion of the sorbent production plant. Elektrownia Turów
Wałbrzych Coke Plant WZK “VICTORIA” Erection of the coal yard, preparation of technical documentation and turnkey execution of the electric locomotive, modernization of transfer cars according to the design by “PIEC-BUD” Wroclaw Sp. z o.o. piecbud-victoria-c-02
GORAZDZE Cement Plant – Heidelberg Cement Group Works associated with modernization of the clinker-burning furnace’s process line. 012
Coke plant “ZDZIESZOWICE” S.A. Erection of the coke oven battery and chimneystacks H=120 m as well as erection of the substation. piecbud-zdzieszowice-07
Chelm S.A. Cement Plant Overhaul of the cyclone, replacement of pipelines and cones of the separator, production and assembly of the drier-crusher’s pipeline. cementownia-chelm-04
KGHM ECOREN S.A. Construction works for the complete “System for processing, enrichment and classification of copper slags at the Glogow Copper Smelting Plant”. kghm-ecoren-10

Other projects

  • Overhauls and erection of industrial chimneystacks in Gdansk for theLOTOSS.A Group and ZDZIESZOWICE Coke Plant.
  • Modernizations of refining furnaces and driers in Gdansk –LOTOS S.A. Group.
  • Overhauls and modernizations of heating furnaces at GŁOGÓW and LEGNICA Copper Smelting Plants as well as at the HUTMEN plant in Wroclaw – delivery, production, assembly of steel elements and brickwork tasks.
  • Participation in erection of the coke oven battery at the ZDZIESZOWICE Coke Plant – prefabrication of the steel structure along with its assembly, brickwork tasks for the ceramic block as well as erection of the chimneystack H = 120 m.
  • Erection of the wastewater treatment plant at the WALBRZYCH Coke Plant – manufacture and assembly of devices, steel structures, reinforced concrete works.
  • Steel structures together with roofing of industrial halls for Kaijma and Skanska.
  • Overhauls of belt conveyors, crushers and ball mills at the ZDZIESZOWICE Coke Plant and CEMEX Cement Plant in Rudniki.
  • Erection of the tunnel furnace with a length of 214 m, width 9.0 m for the ROBEN Company in Sroda Slaska – assembly and brickwork tasks.

Industrial furnaces

Furnaces for the metallurgical industry

Converters, anode furnaces, cathode furnaces, shaft furnaces (ASARCO), fluidized-bed furnaces Blister (according to the design by Veitscher,Vienna), rotary kilns, tilting (KALDO) galvanizing baths

  • GLOGOW Copper Smelting Plant in Glogow
  • LEGNICA Copper Smelting Plant in Legnica
  • HUTMEN SA – Wroclaw
  • Zinc Smelting Plant – Miasteczko Slaskie
  • Casting Plant – Konskie
  • FLORIAN Copper Smelting Plant – Swietochlowice
  • OLAWA Zinc Oxide Plantin Olawa

Furnaces for the construction materials industry.

Rotary pipe kilns, shaft furnaces, heat exchangers, electro-filters, raw material crushers.

  • ODRA SA Cement Plant in Opole
  • GORAZDZE SA Cement and Lime Plant in Chorula
  • GROSZOWICE Cement Plant

Tunnel furnaces and driers

  • WALBRZYCH SA Porcelain Factory
  • KSIAZ Porcelain Factory
  • KRZYSZTOF SA Table porcelain factory in Walbrzych

Furnaces for the chemical industry

Rotary kilns, hardening furnaces, absorption towers, tanks

  • WALBRZYCH Sulfuric Acid Plant
  • GLOGOW Copper Smelting Plant, Sulfuric Acid Plant
  • LEGNICA Copper Smelting Plant, Sulfuric Acid Plant
  • “BOLESLAW” Mining and Metallurgical Plant – Bukowno

 Furnaces for dry distillation of coal

Gas furnaces, coke oven batteries

  • VICTORIA\ WALBRZYCH Coke Plant in Walbrzych

Forging and hardening furnaces

  • HUTMEN SA – Wrocław
  • JAWOR Forging Plant

Furnaces for the food industry

Shaft furnaces, lime furnaces

  • MALCZYCE Sugar Factory
  • PUSTKOW Sugar Factory
  • SWIDNICA Pszenno Sugar Factory

Industrial chimneystacks

Erection of steel and reinforced concrete chimneystacks, cylindrical and tapered, single- andmulti-flue.

  • OPOLE power plant – chimneystack H=250 m.
  • GLOGOW heat and power plant – chimneystack H=220 m.
  • ZDZIESZOWICE Coke Plant – chimneystack H=120 m.
  • Fortum Czestochowa – chimneystack H=75.5 m.

Overhauls of chimneystacks

  • Gdansk Refinery – chimneystack H=150 m.
  • Heat Power Company PEC in Swinoujscie– chimneystack H= 80 m.
  • Heat Power Company PEC in Kolobrzeg – chimneystack H= 60 m.
  • Lancut Heat Plant – chimneystack H=80 m.
  • Heat Power Plant ZEC Katowice : “Niwka- Modrzejow” – chimneystack H=90 m.
  • Heat Power Plant ZEC Katowice : “Myslowice” – chimneystack H=85 m.

Industrial process installations along with supporting structures and overhead pipelines

Process gas and compressed air installations: coke-oven gas pipelines. Electro filter installations, ammonia-, benzol- and hydrogen sulfide-absorbing installations, secondary cooler installations.

  • WALBRZYCH Coke Plant
  • PCC Rokita Chemical Plant in Brzeg Dolny
  • SGL Carbon – Raciborz
  • PGE Turow – Bogatynia

Ventilation and exhaust installations

  • WALBRZYCH Coke Plant
  • HUTMEN Wroclaw
  • MPEC Wrocław – overhead heat transfer pipeline

Water and steam boilers

  • LEGNICA Copper Smelting Plant – boilers type T 45
  • SWIDNICA Pszenno Sugar Factory – boilers type PR-25
  • PUSTKOW Sugar Factory – boilers type 0R-32

Industrial silos

  • Poznań Brewing Company – silo battery
  • PZZ Pyrzyce Polish Grain Plant – silo battery
  • CementuTransfer Station in Scinawa – freestanding silos
  • PZZ Pleszew Polish Grain Plant – silo batteries
  • ZCW Gorazdze Cement and Lime Plant – homogenization tanks and cement silos

Manufacture and assembly of steel structures for multi-purpose elevator shafts

  • Swieradow-Zdroj Sanatorium
  • Paczkow Municipal Hospital
  • Głucholazy Municipal Hospital
  • PKP – Main Railway Station Wroclaw
  • PGE Turow – Bogatynia

Glass industry – tank furnaces

  • Glass-works MUROW near Opole
  • Jeleniogorskie Zaklady Optyczne Optics Plant, Jelenia Gora
  • ŁUŻYCE Glass-works in Pieńsk
  • Zaganskie Glass-works, Ilowa Zaganska
  • KUNICE Window Glass-works in Zary
  • Crystal Glass-works in Szczytna
  • GOSTUN Household glass Glass-works in Gostyn

General construction works

  • KGHMEcoren S.A. – Construction works for the complete “System for processing, enrichment and classification of copper slags at the Glogow Copper Smelting Plant”
  • Artistic Ceramics Plantin Boleslawiec – expansion of the production hall
  • PIEC-BUD Wroclaw – erection of our company’s new headquarters
  • Erection of the COLGATE production hall in Swidnica
  • Erection of the ELECTROLUX production hall in Swidnica and Olawa
  • Erection of the LG production hall in Kobierzyce