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General construction and other works

  • Erection and overhauls of public utility buildings;
  • Heat-insulation works on buildings and industrial structures using the insulated render technique;
  • Execution of all types of structures intended for general construction works;
  • Repairs of all types of civil structures, pillars, supportive structure walls by means of guniting;
  • Erection of industrial and trading halls;
  • Facing of building walls and structures using clinker brick;
  • Overhauls of old and erection of new roofing;
  • Civil structure demolition works;
  • Acoustic insulation works;
  • Repair works performed on tall industrial structures and in limited-access areas;
  • Overhauls of lighting and lightning-protection installations on tall and limited-access structures;

Reconstructions of reinforced concrete structures by means of guniting

  • Evaluation of the technical condition of reinforced concrete and concrete structures;
  • Construction site inspections together with inventory-making of structural damages;
  • Selection of the measuring grid necessary to carry out non-destructive testing (using sclerometric or ultrasonic methods), semi-destructive testing (using the pull-off method) and destructive testing (strengthtests of samples taken);
  • Additional laboratory tests (waterproofness,frost resistance etc.);
  • Development oftechnical condition evaluation documentation for the concrete or reinforced concrete structure tested.

Development of aguniting reconstruction technique

  • Determination of the necessary scope of repair works;
  • Development of the optimal gunite concrete recipe;
  • Development of conclusionsand recommendations;
  • Technique of works execution;