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Industrial furnaces for non-ferrous metals

  • Converters;
  • Anode furnaces;
  • Cathode furnaces;
  • Shaft furnaces (e.g. ASARCO);
  • Fluidized-bed “Blister” furnaces;
  • Rotary kilns.

Furnaces for the building materials industry

  • Erection of new furnaces based on client’s or own structural design;
  • Rotary pipe kilns;
  • Shaft furnaces;
  • Tunnel furnaces and drying ovens;
  • Heat exchangers;
  • Erection of bag and electro-filters;
  • Raw material crushers.

Ovens and furnaces for the chemical industry

  • Rotary kilns;
  • Hardening furnaces;
  • Absorbent towers;
  • Tanks.

Non-moldable refractory products

  • Refractory concretes;
  • Heat insulating modeling pastes;
  • Compacting pastes (ALPLAST-60 and IMAL-20);
  • Cohesive materials (refractory mortars and putties).

Heat-insulating lining (moldable dense refractory materials)

  • Refractory concrete lining;
  • Refractory ceramic lining(bricks, tiles, ceramic blocks);
  • Lining based on SiO2- Al2003 (high-alumina and chamotte);
  • Alkaline (magnesia) lining;
  • Moldable lining for heat insulation – erection and overhauls of furnace brickworks of all types of refractory materials;
  • Porous heat-insulating lining (mullite and mullite-corundum);
  • Ceramic fiber materials.

Refractory materials – Manufacturers

  • Zaklady Magnezytowe Ropczyce;
  • Polska Ceramika Ogniotrwala Zarow;
  • Metimpex;
  • IMO Gliwice;
  • Vesuvius Skawina materialy ogniotrwale;
  • RefraTechnik – Germany;
  • PMO-Komex – Krakow;
  • RHI Refractories.