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Steel Products



The department is a production and repair workshop holding many years of experience in manufacture of spare parts and specialized steel structures for numerous industry sectors.

Development of the workshop’s executive potential is based on high qualifications of the production personnel and technical supervisors. The department employs over 100 people, who are able to use the continuously expanding resources of production devices and machinery.

Manufacture of a wide range of specialized steel structures is performed using modern devices including, among others: plasma/gas cutters, sheet rolling mill, bending brake, machining centers, which in combination with the modern welding shop and a number of conventional production and quality control devices allow to execute advanced steel structures including machinery and device structures for multiple branches of the industry.

The department holds authorizations and approvals for the projects and overhauls it undertakes, and offers services including:

  • overhauls and maintenance of machinery and devices,
  • regeneration and manufacture of spare parts,
  • machining,
  • overhauls of furnaces and smelting facilities within the scope of tasks performed by industrial furnace bricklayers,
  • manufacture of steel structures,
  • overhauls and manufacture of central heating, hot water, compressed air, water and ventilation installations,
  • overhauls of pumps for industrial water, transmissions and ventilation fans,
  • current repairs and supervision over hoisting equipment and gantry cranes,
  • service of industrial scales.

We offer:

  • turning
    • rollersup to Ø600[mm] andlengthup to 5000[mm]
    • bushings and ringsup to Ø800[mm] andlengthup to 500[mm]
  • boring
    • up toL/W/H 1800[mm] x 1800[mm] x 2500[mm]
  • milling
    • horizontal and vertical with max. dimensions of 1000[mm] x 400[mm] x 350[mm]
    • gearswith max. module pitch of 20 anddiameterup to 1000[mm]
  • grinding
    • rollers up to Ø200[mm] andlength up to 2000[mm]
    • holes up to Ø250[mm] andlength up to 200[mm]
    • surfaces with dimensions of 900[mm] x 360[mm] x 320[mm]
  • forming
    • cutting of sheet metal with a thickness up to 10[mm] andlengthup to 3000[mm]
    • rolling of sheet metal with a thickness up to 20[mm] andlength up to 3000[mm]

In addition, we provide chiseling, planing, welding and heat treating services. We ensure high quality of works, short response times to requests for quotation and favorable prices.

The workshop has production preparation facilities and its own storage facility. Experience of the qualified personnel, modern and efficient machinery park as well as the held authorizations render the Department a professional and flexible manufacturer of steel structures along with device and machinery assemblies for the power, cement, coke, metallurgic, mining, construction industries and other economic sectors.